Composition handouts

How to Write a Kick-Ass Thesis Statement

Writing a great thesis statement is easy if you follow this process.

I always found the same problems in thesis statements so I created a worksheet to help students develop their ideas into a robust, multipart thesis statement. Relevant for high school or college students, this handout applies to academic and non-academic essays alike.  Read more about it here.

A Visual Guide to Prepositions for English language learners

Pictures help ELL students learn, remember, and choose prepositions.

The last things English language learners master are articles (a, an, the) and prepositions. While I was working at my university's Writing Center, I struggled to explain to ELL students why they should use one preposition instead of another. That is, until I realized that since prepositions explain the spacial or temporal relationships between objects in a sentence and I could draw them a picture.

I searched online for visual diagrams that could explain these spacial & temporal relationships, and while I found a few, I didn't like them. As a result, I created this visual guide to prepositions.