Every Florida Book Project

Florida's Wildlife


The Nature of Florida

John Perry, Jane Greverus Perry

Animal Tracks of the Southeast States

Chris Stall

Florida Wildlife Viewing Guide

Susan Cerulean, Ann Morrow

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Florida

National Audubon Society, Peter Alden

Threatened & Endangered Species

Encounters with Florida's Endangered Wildlife

Doug Alderson

The Florida Panther: Life and Death of a Vanishing Carnivore

David S. Maehr

Celebrities of Nature: Endangered & Selected Species of Florida

Alan Maltz

The Threatened Florida Black Bear

Margaret Goff Clark

The Florida Panther

Alvin Silverstein, Laura Silverstein Nunn, Alvin Sliverstein, Virginia Silverstein (Contributor)

The Manatees of Florida

Bill Lund


Florida's Fabulous Birds

Winston Williams

A Birder's Guide to Florida

Bill Pranty

The Return of the Brown Pelican

Dan Guravich & Joseph E. Brown


Florida's Fabulous Waterbirds

Winston Williams

At Water's Edge: The Birds of Florida

Roger Bansemer & Bill Renc


Florida's Fabulous Mammals

Winston Williams, Jerry Gingerich

Mammals of Florida

Larry N. Brown

Reptiles & Amphibians

Florida's Fabulous Reptiles and Amphibians

Peter Carmichael, Winston Williams

Florida's Fabulous Butterflies and Moths

edited by Thomas C. Emmel & Brian Kenney


Florida's Fabulous Insects and Small Creatures

Brian Kenney (Photographer), Thomas C. Emmel

shells & shore life

Florida's Fabulous Seashells: And Other Seashore Life

Winston Williams, Pete Carmichael