Every Florida Book Project

Seminoles & Miccosukee


The Seminoles of Florida

James W. Covington

Unconquered People: Florida's Seminole and Miccosukee Indians

Brent Richards Weisman

The Black Seminoles: History of a Freedom-Seeking People

Kenneth W. Porter

The Seminole

Liz Sonneborn


Seminole Views: A Postcard Panorama of America's Only Unconquered Tribe

Emmett H. L. Snellings, Jr.

Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes of Southern Florida

Patsy West


John Hawk: A Seminole Saga

Beatrice Levin


Guy LaBree: Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles

Carol Mahler

A Seminole Legend: The Life of Betty Mae Tiger Jumper

Betty Mae Tiger Jumper and Patsy West

Osceola: Seminole Warrior

William R. Sanford


Contemporary Life

Warriors Without War: Seminole Leadership in the Late Twentieth Century

Patricia R. Wickman


The Enduring Seminoles: From Alligator Wrestling to Ecotourism

Patsy West