Every Florida Book Project

The Seminole Wars

Primary Sources

Amidst a Storm of Bullets: The Diary of Lt. Henry Prince in Florida, 1836-1842

Henry Prince and Frank Laumer


Speech of the Hon. Henry Clay, in the House of Representatives of U. S. on the Seminole War

Henry Clay

Journey Into Wilderness: An Army Surgeon's Account of Life in Camp and Field During the Creek and Seminole Wars, 1836-1838

Jacob Rhett Motte


The War in Florida

Woodburne Potter and Donald Spencer

Secondary Sources

Dade's Last Command

Frank Laumer

The Billy Bowlegs War, 1855-1858: The Final Stand of the Seminoles Against the Whites

James W. Covington


History of the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842

John K. Mahon

The Seminole Wars: America's Longest Indian Conflict

John Missall and Mary Lou Missall

Swamp Sailors in the Second Seminole War

George E. Buker

Osceola and the Great Seminole War: A Struggle for Justice and Freedom

Thom Hatch

The Seminole Wars 1818-58

Ron Field and Richard Hook

America's Hundred Years' War: U.S. Expansion to the Gulf Coast and the Fate of the Seminole, 1763-1858

William S. Belko


Reminiscences of the Second Seminole War

John Bemrose


Wildcat, The Seminole: The Florida War

Electa Clark and Frank Nicholas


The Seminole Wars

Harietta Buckmaster


Hunted Like a Wolf: The Story of the Seminole War

Milton Meltzer


The Invisible War: African American Anti-Slavery Resistance from the Stono Rebellion through the Seminole Wars

Wood, Cromartie & Brown