Every Florida Book Project


Clyde Butcher

Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida

Clyde Butcher

Southwest Florida's Wetland Wilderness: Big Cypress Swamp and the Ten Thousand Islands

Jeffery S. Ripple, Clyde Butcher

Florida Landscape

Clyde Butcher

Apalachicola River - An American Treasure

Clyde Butcher

Natural Settings

The Florida Keys: The Natural Wonders of an Island Paradise

Jeff Ripple and Bill Keogh

Florida's Unsung Wilderness: The Swamps

Connie Bransilver, Larry W. Richardson, Jane Goodall

Journal of Light:

The Visual Diary of a Florida Nature Photographer

John Moran

Florida Magnificent Wilderness:
State Lands, Parks, and Natural Areas

James Valentine & D. Bruce Means


Sacred Waters

Steven Earl



(America the Beautiful series)

Jordan Worek (Author) & Dan Liebman (Editor)

Florida Icons: Fifty Classic Views of the Sunshine State

Roger L. Hammer



Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Florida Impressions
photography by James Randklev

Florida Then & Now

by Bruce Hunt

Florida: A Journey Through Its Colorful Past

Patty Dirienzo

Florida Beyond the Blue Horizon

Alan S. Maltz

Over Southeast Florida

Kevin M McCarthy & Charles Feil

Quail Plantations of South Georgia and North Florida

Hank Margeson

Florida Simply Beautiful

photography by James Randklev

Historic Photo Collections

Farm Security Administration Photographs of Florida

Michael Carlebach & Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr.

The Growth Of Florida

Edward Riley

Photographic Views of Tampa Bay Hotel

Tampa Bay Hotel, Tampa, Fla

Fisherfolk of Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Robert Edic

the Keys

Key West Color

Alan S. Maltz and George Murphy


Key West Photo Journal

Craig & Cheri Howard


Over Key West and the Florida Keys

Charles Feil

Key West in Black and White

Tom Corcoran

The Florida Keys:

Key Largo to Key West

Craig & Cheri Howard



Historic Photos of Cuban Miami

Jennifer Ortiz

Historic Photos of Greater Miami

Seth Bramson


Craig & Cheri Howard

Miami (America Series)

Helen Stortini

Miami City of Dreams

Alan S. Maltz and Les Standiford


Miami: Then and Now

Carolyn Klepser & Arva Moore Parks

South Beach Deco: Step By Step

Iris Garnett Chase & Susan Russell

misc. Places

Historic Photos of Florida Ghost Towns

Steve Rajtar

Historic Photos of Fort Lauderdale

Susan Gillis

The Photographs of Alvan S. Harper, Tallahassee, 1885-1910

Joan Perry Morris & Lee H. Warner (eds.)

Pioneer Commercial Photography The Burgert Brothers, Tampa Florida

Robert E. Snyder and Jack B. Moore

Historic Photos of Tampa

Ralph Brower

Historic Photos of Palm Beach County

Seth Bramson

Orlando Then and Now

Stephen Evans

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Tampa Pix

A collection of photographs categorized by neighborhood, and even by specific buildings and streets. Pictures are from all parts of the greater Tampa Bay area.