Every Florida Book Project

Natural History & Ecology


The Geology of Florida

Anthony F. Randazzo (Editor), Douglas S. Jones (Editor)


Ecosystems of Florida

Ronald L. Myers, John J. Ewel

Priceless Florida: Natural Ecosystems and Native Species

Ellie Whitney, D Bruce Means, & Anne Rudloe

Wetlands & Rivers

Swamp Song: A Natural History of Florida's Swamps

Ron Larson

Florida's Rivers

Charles R. Boning

Paynes Prairie: The Great Savanna: A History and Guide

Lars Andersen


The Springs of Florida

Doug Stamm, Douglas R. Stamm, Timothy T. Whitney (Photographer)

the seashore

The Edge of the Sea

Rachel Carson

humans & the environment

Some Kind of Paradise: A Chronicle of Man and the Land in Florida

Mark Derr

Environment and Society in Florida

Howard Odum, E.C. Odum, M.T. Brown

Strangers in Paradise:

Impace and Management of Nonindigenous Species in Florida

edited by Simberloff, Schmitz, Brown, E.O. Wilson

An Environmental History of Northeast Florida

James J. Miller