Every Florida Book Project

Maritime & Railroad History

Maritime History

Thirty Florida Shipwrecks

Kevin McCarthy, William L. Trotter, Steve Roguski

Shipwrecks of Florida:

A Comprehensive Listing

Steven D. Singer

Sunken Treasure on Florida Reefs

Robert F. Weller


An Atlas of Maritime Florida

Smith, Miller, Kelley, & Harbin

Florida's Golden Galleons: The Search for the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet

Robert F. Burgess & Carl J. Clausen


Maritime Archeology

Pieces of Eight:

Recovering the Riches of a Lost Spanish Treasure Fleet

Jr. L. B. Taylor & Kip Wagner


The Search for the Atocha

Eugene Lyon



Florida's Railroads

Pigeon Key and the Seven Mile Bridge

Dan Gallagher

Florida's Great Ocean Railway: Building the Key West Extension

Dan Gallagher

Marathon: Heart of the Key West Extension

Don Gallagher

A Journey into Florida Railroad History

Gregg M. Turner

Rails 'Neath the Palms

Robert Mann

Rails Through the Wiregrass:

A History of the Georgia & Florida Railroad

H. Roger Grant

By Streamliner, New York to Florida

Joseph M. Welsh

A Short History of Florida Railroads

Gregg M. Turner

Last Train to Paradise: Henry Flagler and the Spectacular Rise and Fall of the Railroad that Crossed an Ocean

Les Standiford

The Florida Keys Overseas Railway

Warren Zeiller

Iron Horse In the Pinelands : Building West Florida's Railroad 1881-1883

Jesse Earle

The Railroad That Died at Sea:

The Florida East Coast's Key West Extension

Pat Parks

Speedway to Sunshine: The Story of the Florida East Coast Railway

Seth Bramson

The Greatest Railroad Story Ever Told: Henry Flagler & the Florida East Coast Railway's Key West Extension

Seth H. Bramson

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