Every Florida Book Project

nonfiction books about Florida

Of the six broad genres used to organize this site, non-fiction is the most diverse and the most surprising. I expected to find just a few history books published by the University Press of Florida and a few more about politics, and that was it. I was very wrong.


Broadly speaking, there are numerous works of creative non-fiction like essays, memoir, and biography, books exploring the natural landscape of Florida, from its natural history and ecology, to its wildlife, weather, and the unique Everglades, an ecosystem that exists nowhere else on Earth, books exploring the cultural life of the state, from photography, to art, music, architecture, sports, folk tales, religion, the African-American experience, the Cuban-American experience, and many other ethnographies, as well as Florida's corrupt and complicated politics.


Interestingly, despite scores of crime novels and movies, I have found just 15 books about true crime in Florida.


Despite perceptions that Florida is a land without a history, five hundred years of European presence on the peninsula has supplied material for so many books, it would be challenging to read them all. The bulk of the categories listed to the left are history, whether books about the Indians before European contact, Spanish and French exploration, and the Spanish era, to those about the many wars fought on the peninsula, its unique maritime and railroad history, and the frontier era, which last well after the Western frontier closed in 1890.