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Susan Hubbard - supernatural

The Society of S

Ethical Vampire Series #1

Susan Hubbard


The Season of Risks

Ethical Vampire Series #3

Susan Hubbard


The Year of Disappearances

Ethical Vampire Series #2

Susan Hubbard


Jeff Vandermeer


Southern Reach Series #1

Jeff VanderMeer




Southern Reach Series #3

Jeff VanderMeer




Southern Reach Series #2

Jeff VanderMeer



misc. SciFi

The Coming

Joe Haldeman

Riding the Florida Time Line

Robert Lee Thompson

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Cory Doctorow


Piers Anthony

misc. horror


Owl Goingback

Burial Mound

Keith Edward Walker

Evenings on Dark Island

Rhett Devane & Larry Rock

Xanth series by Piers Anthony

The geography of Xanth, the setting of 42 novels by Piers Anthony, is based on Florida. So while not strictly set in Florida, these books have a strong Florida connection.


From Wikipedia: 

"Geographically, modern Xanth resembles the state of Florida in the United States in shape, but has landmarks that mimic well known geographical features from around the world. One major example of this is the Gap Chasm, an enormous canyon a mile wide which completely bisects the country ... [like the] the Cross Florida Barge Canal, which, similar to the chasm, is generally forgotten except for those who stumble upon it. The Gap is guarded by a resident dragon, known as Stanley Steamer, and is crossed by means of treacherous bridges. Many of Xanth's other geographical features are puns on those of Florida (for example, Lake Ogre-Chobee and the Kiss-Mee River). The Florida Keys also exist, though they are, in Xanth, actual keys."