Every Florida Book Project

General Mass Market Fiction

misc. Contemporary

Key West

Peter Wick

Key West: Pappy on Trial

Peter Wick


Jack Rudloe

Opening Day:

Or, the Return of Satchel Paige

Les Standford


Flaherty's Run

Henry Hoffman

Key West: Cooking the Books

Peter Wick

Key West Story
Rick Skwiot

The Florida Chase

Paul Moxham

The Creek

J. T. Glisson


Seven Mile Bridge

Mango Jon

Key West: Tequila, a Pinch of Salt and a Quirky Slice of America

Jon Breakfield

Dark Caribbean

Rick Magers


Seminole Wind

K.T. Dixon


Troubled Journey

Richard Lockridge


Ninety Seven Miles South

Phil Thompson

Passage to Danger

Edwin Lanham


Florida Freeze: A Rick Fortune Adventure

Jay R. Worsham

Rum Point: A Baseball Novel

Rick Wilber


Living Proof: A Novel of Key West

Kevin May

Lonesome Point

Ian Vasquez


Michael Reisig

Back On The Road To Key West

Michael Reisig

Along The Road To Key West

Michael Reisig

The Road To Key West
Michael Reisig & Cris Wanzer


Crazy in Paradise

Deborah Brown

Duma Key

Stephen King

Seven Mile Bridge

Michael M. Biehl

Come Monday

Chip Bell

A Death in Key Largo

Fred Zackel & L. Zackel


James Patterson & Andrew Gross

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Chip Bell

John H. Cunningham

Red Right Return

John H. Cunningham

Green to Go

John H. Cunningham

Crystal Blue

John H. Cunningham