Every Florida Book Project

historical fiction

the Conquistador era

For God, Gold and Glory: de Soto's Journey to the Heart of La Florida

E. H. Haines

the Seminole Wars era

Black Creek: The Taking of Florida

Paul Varnes

Seminole Smoke: An Odyssey of Power,

Love and Blood in the Seminole Wars

Claude Walker

Osceola His Capture and Seminole Legends

William P. Ryan

Hollow Victory: A Novel of the Second Seminole War

John and Mary Missall

Civil War era

The Darkest Shade of Honor

Robert N. Macomber

Honor Bound

Robert N. Macomber

At the Edge of Honor

Robert N. Macomber

Point of Honor

Robert N. Macomber

Nobody's Hero

Frank Laumer

Pioneer Era

Confederate Money

Paul Varnes

The Bucket Flower

Donald R. Wilson

A Tropical Frontier: Book II, The Homesteaders

Tim Robinson

High-Sheriff Jim Turner: High Times of a Florida Lawman

David T. Warner

Red Grass River: A Legend

James Carlos Blake

A Tropical Frontier, Tales of Old Florida

Tim Robinson

Cold Before Morning: A Heart-Warming Novel About a Florida Pioneer Family

John Paul Jones

cracker westerns

Wiregrass Country: A Florida Pioneer Story

Herb Chapman

Alligator Gold

Janet Post

Guns of the Palmetto Plains

Rick Tonyan

Riders of the Suwannee: A Cracker Western

Lee Gramling

Thunder on the St. Johns

Lee Gramling

Bridger's Run

Jon Wilson

Ghosts of the Green Swamp: A Cracker Western

Lee Gramling

Ninety-Mile Prairie

Lee Gramling

Trail from St. Augustine

Lee Gramling

Crackers In The Scrub: Adventures And Stories About Florida's Cracker Cowboys

Miles H. Plowden