Every Florida Book Project

Children's Fiction


Kissimmee Pete, Cracker Cow Hunter

Jan Day and Janeen Mason

Freddy Goes to Florida

Walter R. Brooks, Kurt Wiese

The Adventure of Peter Paddle a Manatee

J. P. Fletcher

Kissimmee Pete and the Hurricane

Jan Day, Janeen Mason

Oonawassee Summer: Something Is Lurking Beneath the Surface

Melissa Forney, Gregg Scott

Christmas in Florida

Night Before Christmas in Florida

Rochelle Lynn Holt, Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

Christmas in Florida

Kevin McCarthy

Daniel and the Sand Angel: A Florida Christmas Story

Debbie Anderson

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida

Frank Remkiewicz

Florida Santa: Is He Real? How Do We Know It?

Ruth E. Clark, Sarah Caterisano

The Florida Night Before Christmas

E. J. Sullivan, Ernie Eldredge